Founded in 1979 as a revolutionary alternative to Crisco, lotion or spit and perseverance, Elbow Grease is one of the oldest independent lubricant companies in the world. Offering a new, odorless, thick-cream lubricant that met multiple challenges, it quickly gained—and has retained—a top-choice position in the hearts, minds and fantasies of people around the world.

Formulated by B. Cumming Company, Elbow Grease Original Cream was created by players for players who had first-hand, intimate knowledge of their craft.  In those days, we literally went door to door, sharing samples armed only with a Damron’s guide, a street map and our superior product.

Today, we deliver a comprehensive line of products around the globe to satisfy the needs of discriminating men and women who demand the best lubricant that money can buy. We now offer:

·         Elbow Grease Creams

·         H2O, water-based gels

·         Registered FDA medical devices – H2O Personal Lubricant & Fusion Deep Action

·         Encounter, designed specifically for women’s needs

·         Fusion Original Bodyglide Silicone

·         Black Beauty Latex Cleaner   


For over three decades, Elbow Grease products have been a part of the most personal and pleasurable moments of people’s lives. We don’t take that lightly. We’re committed to our clients and communities—locally and globally. We sponsor events, donate to charities, support clinics and do whatever we can to enrich the lives we share in. We believe in supporting the community that has always supported us.